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When should newborn photos be taken?

Vancouver newborn photos

When should newborn photos be taken?

To mark your baby milestone, I would recommend booking your baby photoshoot when they’re five to twelve days old.

Why do we recommend scheduling newborn sessions when the babies are five to twelve days?

As due dates can change at any time, here is why we typically schedule a session a week after the baby has been born because these are the ‘sweet spots’.

  • Five days is the minimum because the baby will still be adjusting to feeding times and breastfeeding will be establishing (for breastfeeding moms).
  • Babies are sleepier when they’re younger which creates the perfect bundled poses as they’ll be in a womb-like state. During the first two weeks, they sleep a lot and much likely to be happier during the session.
  • As the babies spend more time outside the womb, they tend to be more active, develop their senses and the poses could be uncomfortable for them (this is something we would never want for the babies as their safety is our utmost priority!)

Could you schedule your newborn session after your baby is born? 

We understand timing may be difficult as you adjust to your new wonderful parenthood so yes, of course, you can. Please kindly keep in mind that babies will be getting bigger and lose their newborn flexibility. So later the poses will have different concepts, however, that doesn’t mean we can’t make magical moments happen!

newborn photography 15 days old baby
15-days-old baby girl

Is 2 weeks too old for newborn photos?

Absolutely not! A newborn at 2 weeks is still fresh and tiny. Most babies feel very comfortable during their photo sessions at 2 weeks. Moreover, they usually get more milk at this stage and feel more full and happy.

newborn photography 4-weeks-old baby
4-weeks-old baby girl

Can you do newborn photos at 3 or 4 weeks?

Of course, you can! Babies remain little and sweet for a few weeks until they grow significantly and change. One thing to consider is that most babies tend to develop colic/gas/tummy issues which start at around 3-4 weeks. The discomfort may lead to fussy behavior and a lack of longer sleep. In this case, sessions may take longer as the baby will need to be comforted first. Also, babies at 3-4 weeks are less likely to be posed. So natural lifestyle posing will take place.

How late is too late for newborn pictures?

We believe it’s never too late! Anna’s photography style allows photographing babies at any age and stage. Beautiful moments between the baby and parents can always be captured. Milestones, smiles, interactions, and love. Natural and simple photographs about the most important can be created at any time!

What to know during your photoshoot?

Sessions are usually around two to three hours. We listed a few things to ensure that you and your family are happy and at ease.

  • Bring extra bottles of milk (formula or pumped milk)
  • Extra diapers and wipes as there’s no surprise how often they need to be changed
  • Have your baby well fed before the photoshoot as they’ll be more relaxed 
  • Parents should wear light clothing as the studio will be warmer than usual; this is to keep the baby in a cozy state
  • Not only have extra clothes for your baby but for yourself and your family (babies tend to make “happy accidents”)
  • When it comes time to feed your baby, we will give you privacy and some alone time
newborn photography and siblings

 Are parents and siblings included in the newborn photoshoot?

Of course, older siblings will be included in the photoshoot. The more the merrier! We would love to have your older children share this moment with their younger siblings especially when they look at their new brother or sister with such love and gentle care. Sibling bonds run deep and in moments like this, you’ll always want to remember your babies together at this stage.

  • A helpful tip when there are other children (depending on their age), bring a book or toy to keep them entertained while the session continues
  • Please bring their favorite food just in case your older kid(s) need to eat during the break.
  • Also, let them be! If they feel forced to do anything, they’re most likely to do the opposite which is why we recommend having things as natural as possible (“candid” moments we call them)
newborn photography and a dog

You might also be wondering if pets are welcome?

Yes, they are part of your family too.

Tips when it come to your pet before the day of the photoshoot:

  • Please have your pet fully shower and groom the night before.
  • Also please keep in mind we are in a studio space, it is important your pet is well trained and well listened to. This is to keep your baby safe during posting your newborn baby.

More Q&A about a newborn photo session can be found here at the bottom of the page.

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