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Newborn photography | Vancouver

Newborn photography Vancouver

Capture life’s most precious moments with our newborn photography package

Whether you are a first-time parent or not, welcoming a newborn into the world is one of the most enchanting moments you can encounter as a parent. At times, it can be hard to believe that your little bundle of joy will transform before you in the blink of an eye. Every parent wishes to keep the vision of their child’s first days of life in their memory for as long as possible before they grow up and experience the great big world around them for themselves. And for this reason, we encourage parents to capture life’s most cherished moments with our newborn photography package.

The Blessings of Newborn Photography 

Here at Anna Alexander Photography, we understand that as parents, you are putting your trust in us to provide you with once in a lifetime photos of your newborn child. With over five years of experience as a newborn photographer and three consecutive years award winner of the Top Vancouver Babies and Family Photographers, I firmly believe that I can provide you and your family with a touch of magic throughout your experience with me. 

Vancouver newborn photography

Create a Lasting Legacy 

Photos, like recollections and stories, are part of our legacy as human beings. We hold them close to our hearts and pass them down to the generations that come after us. It’s a real blessing to be able to share a visual of the moments, people, places, and little details to those we love so they, too, can feel a flicker of the joy we feel when we reflect back on those times. Capture the tenderness of the connection between you and your newborn in a story that will last an eternity. 

Vancouver baby photography
Vancouver baby photography

Keep Them Small Forever 

As we know, babies grow a ton within the first month they are born –even when they don’t notice. This is why newborn photoshoots are the perfect memory to hold their little belly rolls, tiny fingers, and toes forever. We take extra care in capturing each tiny feature of your newborn to help you remember the precious time you have with your child. We also suggest bringing in your newborn within their first two weeks of life to ensure they are comfortably asleep for as long as possible throughout the session. 

Remember the Quiet Moments 

As we all know, the first couple of months with a newborn is a lot of hard work, especially for first-time parents. Sleepless nights, new routines, and stress can sometimes overshadow the precious moments you and your newborn share during that time. With a newborn photo shoot, we are able to create a time capsule of the moments of silence we often forget in the chaos of everyday life. Let us help you cherish a peaceful moment between you and your newborn. 

Newborn photography with parents
Newborn photography with parents

The Creative Value Behind the Newborn Photography Experience 

Our photography studio works with neutral colors to elegantly complement your newborn without drawing any focus away from the raw connection you and your family experience during the photography shoot. We also enjoy creating whimsical and simple props that incorporate a stylistic component to the photos that are both unique and full of wonder. 

The Perfect Gift to Give 

Another important aspect of newborn photoshoots is that it provides you with the perfect gift to provide your family and friends. With these photos, they will be able to experience a piece of the magic that we create during our shoot, so they feel apart of the process and feel as though they are not missing out on any moment. Newborn photos help captivate your most incredible blessings in life to keep forever. 

best newborn photography Vancouver

A Note to Our Moms 

After giving birth, we understand that it is easy to feel uncomfortable and insecure about your body in the weeks that follow. At Anna Alexander Photography, we work to find the most flattering and comfortable angles of you and your newborn that will capture the essence of your tender connection without sacrificing the style of the photo. We will typically opt for a close-up of the mother’s face with their newborn snuggled up close to it to create a peaceful and silent memory. We believe that all women are beautiful and deserve to feel empowered during their shoot. We specialize in showcasing the fantastic aspects of each mom that we photograph. 

Newborn photography
Vancouver newborn photography

Will My Newborn Be Safe?

Anna Alexander is exceptionally knowledgeable and professional when it comes to finding the perfect poses for your newborn during their session. We wholeheartedly promise that your little bundle of joy is safe in our hands. We take extra precautions when placing your child in the poses and ensure that we are gentle and work slowly to perfect the pose and ensure that your newborn will be comfortable and protected the entire time. 

How to Prepare for A Newborn Photoshoot 

We ask all expecting parents to please book with us in advance of you giving birth to your little bundle of joy. This will allow us to plan the shoot perfectly before they arrive and ensure that you have a spot in our calendar. We also provide you with three separate photo package deals that will tailor perfectly to each family’s unique fairytale. 

Newborn photography Vancouver
Newborn photography in Vancouver

Final Thoughts 

As you can see, investing in a newborn photoshoot is a once in a lifetime opportunity that you and your family should not skip out on. With our newborn photos, you will never have to experience the memory of your newborns’ little features fade as they grow older. Capture the perfect moment between you and your bundle of joy and create an everlasting moment to cherish for the rest of your lives. We promise you won’t be disappointed. 

If you are interested in purchasing one of our newborn photography packages, please follow the link to find more details. 

Thank you for being here with us. Until next time. 

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