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Newborn photography | Vancouver

Frequently asked questions about newborn photography | Vancouver

Are you interested in this type of photos for your baby? In the following post, we will clarify some questions that usually arise in parents who, like you, consider newborn photography. 

Newborn photography Vancouver

Capturing and remembering every moment of their baby from the moment they are born is what every mother wants. Newborns grow very fast, which is why portraying your baby during these special first days is usually a phenomenal idea.

What are newborn photographs? 

Newborn photography aims to capture all those features, movements and details in newborns that usually disappear quickly as they grow up.

Will my baby really be safe during the photo session? 

Many moms and dads are often worried about the safety of their babies when taking these pictures, and it is not for nothing, these little ones are in a delicate stage which requires a lot of care.

Our newborn photography studio in Vancouver is set up appropriately so that the little ones feel comfortable and secure.  Also, the props used during the session are safe and specifically created for newborn photo sessions ensuring their sanitizing, fit and comfort for babies’ skin.

It’s important to feed a newborn baby at her own pace and time, which is why you will be able to freely breastfeed your baby during the session. 

Each baby is unique, so during each photo session, our attention is completely personalized. The duration of the session will depend greatly on the requirements of each baby. They usually last between two and three hours. 

Professional newborn photography Vancouver

When is it the right time to take a photo of your baby with a professional newborn photographer in Vancouver? 

As we mentioned before, the first features of your baby tend to disappear very quickly, which is why it’s best to take newborn photos before they are 15 days old. At this stage, they still maintain their fetal position and sleep for a long time, which allows us to work with them without causing them any discomfort.

Newborn baby photography Vancouver

How much does a newborn photo session cost? 

This type of session requires highly qualified personnel, and working with babies requires deeper techniques and care compared to other types of photo sessions. 

Likewise, the prep work of the studio before the baby’s arrival must be appropriate and takes a lot of steps so that both the newborn and the parents feel completely comfortable.

That is why this type of session is usually more expensive than others, but when you think about the magical moments experienced with your child, you will realize that this is an investment for a lifetime. 

Newborn photography intends to capture tender and magical moments, we want you to have memories of your newborn that will melt the hearts of those who observe them.

Do you want a photo session for your new baby in Vancouver? At Anna Alexander Photography, we want to help you.  Contact us for more information.

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