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Newborn Photography and Flash

Capturing your newborn is such an extremely amazing thing to do. Parents want to have beautiful pictures of their newborns to look unto and treasure. There are a lot of amazement, wonder, and ‘so cute’ moments that happen during a newborn photography session. However, questions have been raised over the years about the effect of a studio flash on the eyes of a newborn. 

As a newborn photographer, I occasionally get questions from concerned parents during photography sessions. Most of them happen to be curious about the safety of flash on their baby’s eyes. This has to be a common concern for parents of newborns and could be a major reason why some other parents have denied themselves of capturing beautiful moments with their babies. 

Flash is absolutely safe for the eyes of newborns. It’s just like any source of light, like direct sunlight or tube light that can cause the baby’s eyes to blink for some seconds, without causing any harm. After extensive research, Doctors have come out to say that flash has no bad effect on babies’ eyes. Moreover, photographers know how to position the camera in a way that the light doesn’t shine into the baby’s eyes.  

newborn photography and flash

The concern about flash affecting the eyes of newborns is mainly triggered by false reports. Thankfully, Doctors have been able to establish that there is no harmful relationship between babies’ eyes and a studio flash. So, using a flash while photographing a newborn will not cause any damage to their eyesight. None in the least. 

Photographers do a lot of tricks with flash when it comes to newborn photography. Though flash isn’t harmful, we ensure that it doesn’t shine directly into the babies’ eyes to prevent any inconveniences or discomfort.

Some of the tricks we do with light during newborn photography include the following:

  • Directing the light to the side of the baby rather than the eyes. We work with angles, so we don’t put the light directly into the baby’s eyes, but rather on the side.  
  • We don’t use harsh light on newborns. The light is modified with a professional light modifier to create soft lighting that is safe for babies.
  • Shooting with strobe lighting is another top trick in newborn photography. The light is powerful enough to give you sharp images, yet incredibly easy to control. When working with strobe, you are able to control the light falls, power of light (minimum power for newborn photography), and direction. Ultimately, you will get consistent results each time it is used.
  • The modeling light is always used to create soft ambient light in between strobe flashes when shooting newborns.

So, flash shouldn’t be any cause for concern in newborn photography. It’s just a misconception! Don’t miss an opportunity to book your newborn photo session and capture the beautiful moments with your new baby during the first days. These adorable curly poses won’t last long.

newborn photography and flash
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