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10 simple things to do with your baby

Being a new mom is overwhelming. Especially with a first baby when you just learn and figure out things.

I remember feeling a little lost at the very beginning when my first baby was born.

Here are 10 simple and natural things to do with your baby whenever you feel bored captured inside routine or tired or looking for ways to entertain her and have fun yourself:

1. Talk to her.

As simple as that. Don’t know what to say? Just how much you love her and awaited her. Tell her about the weather and all the things you’ll do together. Don’t underestimate. One day she’ll respond and make you the happiest mama.

2. Sing her a song and/or declare your favourite poem (doesn’t need to be a children’s poem).

That’s a great opportunity for you to learn a poem/song by heart and give your brain a little work. You’ll be amazed at the feedback.

One of my favorite poems is “Winter morning” by A.S. Pushkin.

3. Give her an extra bath.

Little baby bathtubs usually work well even if at the beginning your baby cries doesn’t show interest being in water. It is a fun way to spend time with your baby watching his smiles and emotions. Water is good for so many reasons! As a bonus you’ll get a hungry and ready to sleep baby afterwards.

4. Read him a book.

Yes, sounds like crazy but even at 2 months lots of babies will listen attentively for a few minutes. Some moms even start different kinds of early development cards but that’s a different post topic. 🙂

Below is one of the sweetest books for sure!

5. Get her a print of your favourite painting.

Put a print of your favourite art piece near her crib or a changing table and let her explore the colours and lines.

6. Do a gentle massage.

You can do it before a bath or any time when she is awake. Nothing fancy. Just gentle touches for arms, legs and a back. Up in the inner part and down at the edges. You baby will enjoy extra physical skin-to-skin contact and mommy’s love.

7. Play her a musical instrument if you can.

Music is powerful. It fascinates and develops baby’s inner world even before she can understand anything. Let her discover one of the beauties of this world early.

8. Go to the park.

Your baby is still sleeping a lot during the day? Great! He will sleep outside even better! Put him in a sling or a stroller and go for a walk no matter rain or shine. You both need fresh air and time to think and relax. Some walking will do good for you!

9. Sign up for a class to connect with other moms, get support, make friends, learn new things and share experience.

We used to live in small communities for hundreds of years. We would learn from others in person and get all the support. Nowadays, you can learn online, communicate online and do many other things not even leaving your home.

However, I am a true believer in personal communication, energy exchange and non-verbal communication. Knowing and seeing other moms, listening to each other and be there for each other is worth it.

Of course you can try an online group but I vote for exploring the world and people together with your baby.

And the last but not least. More about a mom this time.

10. Get creative.

Some women experience creativity wave while pregnancy, some few months after birth (lots of women do but don’t blame yourself if you don’t). I started to knit. Then crochet. You can sew a cloth book for your baby or even start making jewellery. You name it, girl! Everything is possible. And internet is there for thousands tutorials for anything.

Below is a cloth book that I sewed for my baby from a fabric panel.

These tips are useful when your baby is not crying most part of the day. If it’s your case or your baby is colicky, please be strong. It will pass sooner than you think and you’ll be able to enjoy all the things together.

Love and patience,


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